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Arcusblade graphic curve.
ARCUS Logo Compass draws it, ARCUS cuts it.
Compass draws it,
            ARCUS® cuts it
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Designed to cut arcs, curves, and plunge cut circles with a contoured shaped framing for wood, diamond, and steel blade with a compass guide.
ARCUS® Curve Cutting System
Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Phone:  502-495-2959  Email:  sales@arcusblade.com
 Contoured Shaped Circular Saw Framing Blade that cuts curves and compass guide for cutting circles.
• Plunge cutting a circle from a piece of plywood
• Remove the precision cut wood circle leaving  a precision cut circle frame
   (Using  a regular blade that is designed to cut straight.)
• Cut the circle frame in half and you cut both sides of the perfect arch in
   less than one minute.
• Two identical arches have been made ready for framing in less than a

• round table top   
• cutting the round center into quarters for precision corner shelving
    that can be used in a kid’s room for holding toys or sporting
    equipment, home office for books, closets and shelving for a book case.
• cut in half for half moon shelves
• sell to craft and hobby stores
• whatever your imagination comes up with.
Curved Cutting Contoured shaped circular saw framing blade for cutting an arc, curve, and circle.
Framing circular saw blade that cuts curves and arches.
The Contoured body, wide kerf and thicker plate, makes the blade
lying flat height 1/4 inch. Check your saw for clearance.
Curve cutting blade with C6 tips.
The Results are:
• Reduced tool cost - the circular saw is made into a multifunctional tool.
• Save time with a more efficient process than one using conventional
 power tools
• Being able to make cuts at the jobsite instead of at a fabricating shop
• Save wear and tear on body - No more sore arms.
• Save money on labor - takes less time to cut the same cut.
• Use less electricity than using a jigsaw, band saw, router and than with
  a circular saw blade that is forced to make the cut.
• Reduce material cost - the cut is done right the first time.
• Reduce the amount of wood scraps that goes to landfill by  planning
  cuts to reduce waste.
Plywood framing arch that was cut with a curve cutting circular saw blade.
 A perfect circle was cut in plywood with a curve cutting circular saw blade and a compass guide.
Cut of a circle or round plywood material that was cut with the ARCUS Cutting System.
Cut circle or round plywood into 4 quaters for precision corner shelving no wasted wood. How green is that.
Plywood doorway arch frame
 circle cut in less than a minute!
Using the ARCUS® Wood Blade
and Compass Guide
Typical Applications:
• Doorway arch
• Dome ceilings
• Round windows
• Interior arches
• Arched windows
• Round windows
• Curved staircases
• Concrete molds
• Masonry forms
• Specialty packaging
• Arched/curved pergola
• Arched arbor
• Curved/arched trellis
• Boat building
• Half moon wall tables
• Fireplace curved mantel
• Do it yourself projects
• Theater stage curved/designs
• Movie / TV set curved designs
• Round table tops in wood / plexiglas®
• Curved decking wood / composite
• Hobby train tracks
• Hardwood floor designs curved / circles
• Hardwood floor renovation / customizing
• Stained glass round / curved frames
• Picture round / curved frames
• Mirror round / curved frames
• All kinds of hobbyist projects
ARCUS®  Curve Cutting Wood Blade
Contoured Curve Cutting Circular Saw Blade
Using the ARCUS® Curve Cutting Wood System (Circular Saw Blade and
Compass Guide) two identical arches can be made to build a doorway.
Arcus® is green and saving trees!  
The perfect circle cut from the arch is ready to be used in other
projects since it’s edges are so smooth and perfect. This “scrap wood”
would normally go into a landfill.

Make Arcus® your circle cutter for all your woodworking needs!
The round wood that was removed from the arch frame can be used
for other projects for better green building practices.  
ARCUS® Wood Blade & Compass Guide
• ARCUS® Wood Blade is a 7 ¼"  contoured  circular saw blade.
• Cuts a radius for arcs, curves, and circles.
• Cuts radii 15" and larger .
• For a straight edge adjust the bevel angel 5 to 10°  depending on
   the saw.
• The blade plate is .054" thick to provide stability and long life.
• There are 24 teeth with a ATB pattern
• Carbide tips are C-6
• 5/8" Round arbor only

• Wide kerf allows the contoured blade to go through the cut with
• Cuts can be done freehanded.
• Cuts can be started at the edge, or you may use a plunge cut with
   the compass guide.
• The tempered blade is a full hardened body
• Materials that can be cut are wood, plastic, and fiberglass.
• The C-6 carbide tips can cut through nails, however it is not
  recommended for cutting metal sheets.
• The finish is so smooth that no sanding is needed for wood or
   composite decks.
• For hardwood table tops a fine grade sandpaper is all that is
   needed before sealing.