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Arcusblade graphic curve.
ARCUS Logo Compass draws it, ARCUS cuts it.
Compass draws it,
            ARCUS® cuts it
Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Email: sales@arcusblade.com    ©2009 Arcus Inc. All Rights Reserved
Designed to cut arcs, curves, and plunge cut circles with a contoured shaped framing for wood, diamond, and steel blade with a compass guide.
ARCUS® Curve Cutting System
Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Phone:  502-495-2959  Email:  sales@arcusblade.com

A precision cut perfect circle using the ARCUS®
Radius Cutting Circular Saw Wood Blade (blade
has 24 teeth of C-6 carbide) and Compass Guide.
The plastic round cut is 40" in diameter by ¼ "
thick. The ARCUS® Wood Blade can be used
with or without the compass guide to make all
types of designs with radius cuts.  The ARCUS®
Wood Blade has a contoured shape that allows
the blade to cut radii easily. The thinnest
plexiglas® that has been cut is 1/16 inch
thickness. The Arcus® blade gives you a smooth finish,
even on Plexiglas®!  Keep a soft cloth handy for
cleaning the plastic chips so they do not adhere
to the finished cut.
Videos: Plastic Perfect Circle Cut
  Plexiglas® Round / Circle Cut