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ARCUS Logo Compass draws it, ARCUS cuts it.
Compass draws it,
            ARCUS® cuts it
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Designed to cut arcs, curves, and plunge cut circles with a contoured shaped framing for wood, diamond, and steel blade with a compass guide.
ARCUS® Curve Cutting System
Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Phone:  502-495-2959  Email:  sales@arcusblade.com
This curved cutting contoured shaped steel circluar saw blade cuts an arc, curve, and circles.  Has 38 carbide teeth C-<wbr>2 specially formulated and is 71/4 inches.
Curve cut in steel 11 gauge is 1/2 wide and 12 inches long. The edges have no burring.
 Three Curves 20 inch Radius Cut in Steel 1/2 wide and 1/8 inch thick no burring.
11 Gauge Steel  12" Long
20" radius 1/2" wide x 1/8" thick
• Contoured Shaped Blade only cuts a curve
• 7¼" Laser Cut Blade, 184 mm
• 5/8" Round Arbor
• 38 carbide teeth, C-2 specially formulated
• Optimal kerf tip to body clearance
• Minimum Radius Cut 10" / Diameter 20" and larger  
• Maximum cutting depth 1/8", 3-mm, 10 gauge steel
• Finished cut is a smooth surface
• Bur free and ready to weld or assemble.
• Designed for direct drive and worm drive saws.
• Suggested to use with the ARCUS® compass guide.
• Portable for use at the jobsite
The unique contoured shape allows the ARCUS® Radius Cutting
Steel Blade to go through steel with ease leaving smooth edges.  
The blade can be used two ways: freehand for quick curve cuts
or add the Arcus® Compass Guide for precision circle cuts and
curves. The finished cut is a smooth surface, bur free and ready
to weld or assemble saving time and money.

This is a green cutting method requiring only 120 volts of electricity.
Since there are no fumes and gases, this will be safer for the user
than using a plasma cutter or torch and help save our environment
since there will be no more fumes and gases.
ARCUS®  Curve Cutting Steel  Circular Saw Blade
The ARCUS® Curve Cutting Steel System is designed for cutting
arcs, curves, and circles in steel.  The ARCUS® Compass Guide
standard size in the System cuts from 15 - 27 inch radii / 30 - 54 inch
diameters. Other sizes are available. On job sites  a must have
tool for welders, fabricators, millwrights, ironworkers, body shops,
and steel sculptors.  The finished cut is a smooth surface, bur free
and ready to weld or assemble saving time and money.
The ARCUS® Curve Cutting Steel Cutting System includes:  
ARCUS® Curve Cutting Steel Blade, Compass Guide & Steel
Pivot Point that fits most metal cutting circular saws.
This is the center from picture above.  The center cut is  20
inches in diameter out of 11 gauge steel. Using the ARCUS®
Steel Radius Cutting System plunge cut a precision cut perfect circle.
Includes ARCUS Curve Cutting Contoured Shaped Steel Blade, New AL Compass Guide and Steel Pivot Point and filts in most metal cutting saws.
Using the System it is  easy to cut arcs, curves and circles.
Cuts steel 1/8" thick with smooth edges and no burrs.
This center is 20 inches in diameter out of 11 gauge steel.  Using the ARCUS Steel Radius Cutting System to plunge cut a preceision cut perfect circle.
ARCUS Steel Curve Cutting System the compass guide is attached to a metal cuttting saw and the steel pivot point is attached to compass guide.
ARCUS®  Curve Cutting Steel System
Fits most metal cutting saw.
Cutting curves with the ARCUS® Steel Blade is fast
with clean edges ready to weld with no fumes creating
a clean air work environment.
Using the ARCUS Curve Cutting System it is easy to arcs.curves and circles in steel. Cuts steel 1/8 inch thick with smooth edges with no burrs.