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Compass draws it,
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Designed to cut arcs, curves, and plunge cut circles with a contoured shaped framing for wood, diamond, and steel blade with a compass guide.
ARCUS® Curve Cutting System
Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Phone:  502-495-2959  Email:  sales@arcusblade.com
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$69.95 ARC 4015 (RIGHT) 7¼"  ARCUS® STEEL BLADE (Radius Cutting Circular Saw Blade): The
Right Blade has a contoured shape and is recommended to be used with a metal cutting saw,
cutting direction of the arc or curve is to the right.  Specially formulated C-2 carbide 38 teeth, 5/8
inch round arbor depth of cut up to ⅛", 10 gauge steel.  The minimum radius is 10" used with an
ARC 9001 Extra Small Guide.  The blade in the saw has the printed side with arrows facing the
motor and spins counter-clockwise.
$136.95 ARC 4016 (RIGHT) 7¼"  ARCUS® STEEL BLADE, Compass Guide & Pivot Point System: Cuts
a 15" to 26" radius. (Extra Small Guide can cut 10 inch radii you need to purchase this  Compass
Guide Separately)  The Right Blade has a contoured shape and is designed for sidewinder or direct
drive metal cutting circular saws.  The Arcus Compass Guide extends to cut a 26" radius to 52"
circle diameter.  The steel pivot point has precision cut guide lines  machined for precise
$54.95 ARC 9001 Small (Standard) Aluminum Compass Guide
The ARCUS® Aluminum Compass Guide is designed to fit a circular saw.  Made
from extruded Aluminum this is a precision built attachment for making curves
and circles perfect.  The Aluminum is anodized for long wear and the extension
tube can be lengthened for larger radii.  The standard guide can make a 15"
radius to 26" radius which is a 30" to 52" diameter.
$74.95 ARC 9003 Large Aluminum Compass Guide
The Large Aluminum Compass Guide attaches just like the Small (Standard)
Compass Guide.   The Large Compass Guide starts at a 48" radius to a 96"
radius which is a 96" to 190" diameter.
$64.95 ARC 9002 Medium Aluminum Compass Guide
The Medium Aluminum Compass Guide attaches just like the Small (Standard)
Compass Guide.   The Medium Compass Guide starts at a 26"  radius to a 48"
radius  which is a 52" to 96" diameter.
$39.95 ARC 4000 Steel Pivot Point 6" x 6" x ⅛"
This is a Steel Pivot that has  slotted guide lines machined for easy alignment.  The durable
construction ensures an extended work life under all conditions.  The Steel Pivot can be attached
by tape, glue or tack weld to keep it in place.  The Compass Guide has a corresponding hole that
fits on the threaded stud and is held in place with a nut.  The radius is determined by measuring
from the center of the threaded stud to the inside or outside blade tip or depending on if the cut
needed is and inside or outside arc / curve cut..
For any questions and to place an order call 502-495-2959 if you choose not to use Pay Pal over the Internet.  Credit card
phone orders are charged through a bank in Louisville, KY.  See bottom of page for shipping, returns, & blade fit information.

Shipping is sent priority mail and is added to the order after you click add to cart button then click total.  Returns: 30 days proof of purchase is
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The ARCUS® Circular Saw Blades are mounted with the concave side facing out away from the motor. Note the concave blade shape and large
carbide teeth require more clearance than a standard flat blade and may not fit every circular saw.  When the blade is lying flat it measures 1/4 "
in height. Do not force the blade to fit.