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ARCUS Logo Compass draws it, ARCUS cuts it.
Compass draws it,
            ARCUS® cuts it
Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Email: sales@arcusblade.com    ©2009 Arcus Inc. All Rights Reserved
Designed to cut arcs, curves, and plunge cut circles with a contoured shaped framing for wood, diamond, and steel blade with a compass guide.
ARCUS® Curve Cutting System
Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Phone:  502-495-2959  Email:  sales@arcusblade.com
ARCUS® Press Magazines  

Automated Builder June 2009, New Products. Highlights from Covering 2009 Show,
ARCUS® Cutting Curves in Granite Tile

Tile Letter  2009 Coverings Issue. Curves are in, become the expert.

Remodeling Magazine December 2008,
Tools and Equipment: Rough Hardware by Lauren Hunter
Arcus ®Masonry and Wood Blade  

Extreme How- to Magazine, Sept. 2008 Tool School-Circular Saw Blades Close Up
Arcus Masonry Blade.

Contractor Tools and Supplies Magazine. What July / August 2008
Highlighting new products with the most inquires in the past  year, Arcus®
Masonry Blade. ­­  
Wall and Ceiling Magazines May/June 2008 Tool Box, Circular Saw
Blade - Arcus® Wood Blade.   

Extreme How - to Magazine May 2008, Hot Products - Cut Circles in Cement Board
Arcus® Masonry Blade.    

Rural Builder Magazine March 2008, Product Review, Arcus® Wood Blade.

Concrete Décor Magazine Feb/ March 2008, Press Release. Arcus® Masonry Blade.

Wood Shop News -The News Magazine for Professional Woodworkers
March 2008. Article A circular saw blade that cuts circles by Jennifer Hicks.

Contractor Tools and Supplies Magazine. What Jan./ Feb. 2008
is new in power tool accessories; Arcus® Wood Blade & Compass Guide,

Landscape Construction, Jan. 2008, What's New - Curves are in Arcus® Masonry

Construction Distribution Magazine Dec 2007/ Jan. 2008, Arcus® Masonry Blade
Press Release.   

Construction Purchasing Magazine, Oct. 2007; Tool and Supply Spotlight - Arcus Cutting
System and the right hypoid blade.

Professional Deck Builders Magazine May /June 2007 Tool Kit, Article;  Arcus Radius -  Cutting
Circular Saw Blade by Kim and     

Renovating Woman Magazine Spring 2007 The  Arcus® Blade on  the cover of the
magazine and in a featured article Patent pending women by  Allegra Bennett.

Equipment Today Magazine Feb. 2007. New products section the Arcus® Cutting System

Construction Distribution Magazine Dec. 2006/Jan 2007 Article about the STAFDA trade
show three reviewers picked the top five products of the show and our product were picked
by all three reviewers as one of the best  in show; Arcus Wood Cutting System.

Carpenter Magazine  (United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of American)
Oct/Dec 2006 Article, Tool Talk From Around the
Brotherhood. by  Bruce Greenlaw: The instructor Joe Schnieders at the Louisville campus of
the Indiana/Kentucky Regional Council of Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship was interviewed
for the article. Page 36  

Contractor Tools and Supplies Magazine September/October 2006. What
is new in power tool accessories; Arcus® Wood Blade & Compass Guide.

Journal of Light Construction Magazine August 2006 .
National Hardware Show Tool Review (Hardware Show Roundup by Patrick Mc Combe).

Building on Line News, June 29, 2006