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ARCUS Logo Compass draws it, ARCUS cuts it.
Compass draws it,
            ARCUS® cuts it
Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Email: sales@arcusblade.com    ©2009 Arcus Inc. All Rights Reserved
Designed to cut arcs, curves, and plunge cut circles with a contoured shaped framing for wood, diamond, and steel blade with a compass guide.
ARCUS® Curve Cutting System
Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Phone:  502-495-2959  Email:  sales@arcusblade.com
Using the ARCUS® Aluminum Compass Guide with the ARCUS®
Masonry Blade and ARCUS® Pivot Point to score or cut concrete
or decorative designs  using arcs, curves, and circles.  Rosette
knob allows the ARCUS® Aluminum Compass Guide to be
adjusted easily for scoring wider score lines to emphasize part
of a design.  The ARCUS® Pivot Point is a round white high
density plastic to be used with the ARCUS® Aluminum Compass
Guide and ARCUS® Masonry Blade.  The high density plastic
is for use on concrete and other masonry surfaces to prevent
marring the surface.  The ARCUS® Pivot Point point is held in
place by one person standing on it with both feet while the
other person makes the cut.
• Designed to be used with the ARCUS® Compass Guide
• Machined out of a high density white polyethylene plastic,
   making the pivot point durable and easy to use.  
• Pivot Point is graduated with site lines 45 & 90 degree
   increments for easy use to align with the design to be cut.
• The beveled edge allows for a fluid cutting motion.
• Site lines are at edge of pivot point for easy alignment with
  the design.
• Large 13 inch in diameter & 3/8 inch height  pivot point
  makes stepping over the compass guide more sure footed.
Scored circles in concrete 30 inches to 54 inches scored with the ARCUS Curve Cutting Decorative System.
Using the ARCUS Curve Cutting Diamond Premiuim Turbo Blade and circular saw  score designs on concrete.
2 inch Curve Cut in concrete at a 24 in radius.
Fast and easy way to cut curves in concrete wet or dry.
Score freehanded custom designs
for decorative concrete.
ARCUS® Curved Cutting Decorative System
2" Concrete Curve Cut  at a 24" Radius  
SCORING 30" - 54" Diameter
Fast and easy way to cut curves in
concrete wet or dry.
Precision Cut circles scored wet or dry
Is designed to use with ARCUS Compass Guide for concrete cutting and scoring.
ARCUS® Pivot Point  White