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Compass draws it,
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Designed to cut arcs, curves, and plunge cut circles with a contoured shaped framing for wood, diamond, and steel blade with a compass guide.
ARCUS® Curve Cutting System
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Arcus Inc.  PO Box 991548   Louisville, KY  402619-1548  Phone:  502-495-2959  Email:  sales@arcusblade.com
7 1/4 ARCUS Curve Cutting Steel Blade that cuts a curve or arc  in steel.
7 1/4 ARCUS Curve Cutting Wood Blade cuts a arc, curve,and circle in wood. plastic and fiberglas.
Cuts arcs, curves & circles due to the contoured  shape of the blade.
Join the Revolution!  ARCUS® Contoured Circular Saw Blades cut on a radius
turning your saw into a circle cutting power tool.  The contoured blade’s  design
allows you to cut a curve as quickly and easily as a straight line using a
traditional shaped circular saw blade.  This  contoured shape allows the
circular saw blade to fit in most saws, saving you money. Adjust the bevel angle
5 to 10 degrees to achieve a straight edge cut.  The edge of the cut has a clean
finish that needs little or no finishing.  Arch or curved designs can be cut fast
and easy with the wood, diamond and steel blades, either freehand or with
our compass. Use for all types of building, remodeling, framing, artistic projects
and do it yourself (diy) projects with professional results.

If a Compass can draw it, ARCUS® can cut it.
Since skill is needed keeping the circular saw on any line, the Compass
Guide was developed to cut a perfect circle in seconds, making a circular
saw into a precision cutting tool that is faster and more precise than using
the blade alone. The ARCUS® Compass Guide can be used with any of the
ARCUS® Blades ,making the Compass Guide a very cost effective and
crossover tool.  

How to purchase the ARCUS® Cutting System.
The ARCUS® Cutting System is available in a framing, diamond decorative
has a special pivot point for decorative concrete scoring, and Steel
Blade System.  The (NEW! Steel Blade ) is cost effective with no fumes
unlike plasma cutters and torches.  Individual items can also be purchased
separately.  Purchase at lumber and all types of construction supply stores.
If you do not see your favorite store listed on web site, you can order on the
ARCUS® web site order page.
ARCUS® Circle Cutting Contoured Circular Saw  Blades
7¼ "  ARCUS®  Curve Cutting Wood Blade
Cuts curves and circles in wood, plastic, and fiberglass.
7"  ARCUS®  Curve Cutting Diamond Masonry Blade
Premium Turbo
Take your wet tile saw to the next level.  Join the revolution
of curves to cut marble, granite, travertine and porcelain tile. Use in a
Circular Saw to cut stone, brick, block, stucco, backer board and for
decorative scoring of concrete.
7 ¼"   ARCUS® Curve Cutting Steel Blade
Cut curves in 10 gauge or 1/8" thick steel
ARCUS® Aluminum Compass Guide
ARCUS® Pivot  Point
ARCUS® Decorative Cutting System
Pivot Point is included in this system
or purchase separately.
Diamond curved cutting contoured shaped circular saw and wet saw blade cuts an arc, curve, and circle.
Cuts curve  in 11 gauge steel was cut with ARCUS Steel Blade.
Compass Guide is attached to a saw and shows pivot point.
Extra Small: Radius 10"- 15" / Diameter 20"- 30"
Small: Radius 15"- 26" / Diameter 30"- 52"
Medium: Radius 26"- 48" / Diameter 52"- 96"
Large: Radius 48"- 95" / Diameter 96"- 190"
How to cut a perfect circle in wood.
System includes curve cutting masonry diamond blade 10mm rim that cuts curves and a compass guide.
Curve Cut: Steel 11 gauge
Radius 15"